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GlamModel; Cierra, from San Francisco, California, brings that same fresh, new prospective and finely tuned energy to the modeling world and the same to GlamModelz Magazine. Do not under estimate Cierra’s abilities in front of the camera. She is a true professional in every sense of the word! Besides her ability to turn on her natural charm, Cierra has stunning beauty and a refined ability to offer graceful poses that will mesmerize any photographer in a very flattering way time after time. Cierra loves the hot stuff, but because of her gorgeous beauty, sophisticated features and perfect figure, she excels at commercial fashion and high-end beauty. GlamModelz Magazine knows Cierra is going to be taking the NorCal modeling industry by storm and we look forward to following her career as she jets into super stardom.




GlamModelz Magazine: What inspired you to get into modeling?

Cierra: I have had a secret interest in the world of modeling since I was a little girl. I had just moved away from home to attend college and one day I told myself to just get out there and do it!

GlamModelz Magazine: When preparing for a shoot, do you bring any of your own ideas to the table, Just go with the flow or let the photographer come up with all of the concepts you shoot?

Cierra: I am open to the photographers concepts and then tweaking them to make our own. A lot of photographers will let you play with a few of your own ideas and unique poses, so just ask! It’s hard to get started I know. You need to learn which poses will not work for you and your body type and know which poses flatter you the most. Study your past work for poses that rock and try to improve on them. You’ll get the hang of it very fast. It’s fun to work with a new photographer and notice their excitement as I am posing for a particular look.”


GlamModelz Magazine: We noticed that you seem to be branching out into other areas, What are your goals in modeling?

Cierra: I am a full time student and assistant coaching volleyball so I try to shoot as often as my busy schedule allows. I work quite often as a promotional model and I have just recently begun to branch out into television commercials. So I intend to pursue acting and modeling for now and see where it leads. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I still shoot as often as possible. It’s the perfect balance in my life and modeling is something I enjoy so very much. Modeling provides the creative release that I need to keep my life interesting and refreshes my overall prospective.

GlamModelz Magazine: What are your favorite styles of modeling? What holds your interest?

Cierra: I’m not sure I have favorite genre. I love fashion styles and keeping up with the current trends. Glamour comes very easy to me. Fitness modeling is something I would really love to do more of. When I first started modeling, looking at the photos was my favorite part and in a lot of ways I suppose it still is. It’s still fun to look back on a successful photoshoot.


GlamModelz Magazine: How do you stay in such terrific shape Cierra?

Cierra: I try and keep my diet healthy. But you only live once so why not have pizza or a burger and fries once in a while. I play volleyball 4+ times a week whether its with the women’s volleyball club team at sf state or coaching at Skyline College.

GlamModelz Magazine: Any advice for new and inspiring models?

Cierra: It’s not as easy as it looks. There’s a lot of prep that goes into a photoshoot. But I love being creative and getting the end result that the photographer and I both want feels amazing.







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GlamModelz Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 4, Tips & Tricks IV Cierra, April 2015

GlamModelz Magazines: GlamModelz Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 4, Tips & Tricks IV Cierra, April 2015

GlamModelz Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 4, Tips & Tricks IV Cierra, April 2015; Dave’s Faves edition. Featured in this issue Cover Model, GlamModel:Cierra Peel, Original Featured Article:Lighting Patterns, Original Featured Article:The Shooting with a Beauty Dish, GlamModel:Cierra Peel, Original…

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